supernova 1987a hubble

One of these rings looks like a string of pearls, and it's at the centre of this celestial jewellery that the scientists reckon they've now located the star remnant.

As shown in the Heritage image, the supernova remnant (the almost star-like object in the center) is surrounded by inner and outer ring structures, with the whole object set within huge clouds of diffuse emitting gas.

"The Hubble observations have helped us rewrite the textbooks on exploding stars. Astronomers credit Hubble's sharp vision with yielding important clues about the massive star's demise. The star is 163,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows Supernova 1987A within the Large Magellanic Cloud Scientists believe they've finally tracked down the dead remnant from Supernova 1987A - … When telescopes first spotted the explosion in 1987, it caused huge excitement. The hot neutron star heats the dust grains and as they absorb that energy - they shine at sub-millimetre wavelengths. The first images of SN 1987A, taken with the ESA Faint Object Camera on August 23–24, 1990, revealed the inner circumstellar ring in all its “glory” and detail. This Hubble Space Telescope picture shows supernova 1987A and its neighbourhood. "We will learn more in the future when the shock wave moves through the inner ring and slams into the outer rings and illuminates them," Kirshner said.
Its first peek was in 1990, the year the observatory launched. Glittering stars and wisps of gas create a breathtaking backdrop for the self-destruction of a massive star—called supernova 1987A—in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a nearby galaxy. Immediately after the discovery was announced, literally every telescope in the southern hemisphere started observing this exciting new object. A glowing ring, about a light-year in diameter, around the supernova.

The sequence of images obtained over more than 8 years has allowed astronomers to measure the expansion of the supernova material directly: this the first time this has been possible, and it is leading to new understanding of the explosion phenomenon.
Since then, the telescope has taken hundreds of pictures of the doomed star. He plans to use the infrared capabilities of the Wide Field Camera 3, an instrument scheduled to be installed during the upcoming Hubble servicing mission, to hunt for a stellar remnant. But there are many things that are still a mystery. Named Supernova 1987A, it was the closest supernova explosion witnessed in almost 400 years. The results of this ongoing study include: SN 1987A is located at the edge of the Tarantula Nebula in the LMC, a region in which stars have been forming very actively over the last 20 million years, and up through the present. As an illustration, we have identified various types of young stars in the three areas marked in the following figure.


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