hoosier pass camping

In winter the Boreas Pass side offers two Mountain Huts, the Section House and Ken's Cabin.

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I’ve been here a few other times but today we decided to do the loop (counterclockwise) and it was really steep getting down the last section. A few yards north on the highway, there is a larger parking area on the west side. Last time we used one of these sites was in 2013. We did the former. great walk on road and trail ... cold front moving : smokey haze brought visibility way down - missed that incredible view.

The trail is just a gravel road (often blowing dirt in our faces) and pretty much in the open the whole way. For the other summits, accessed from the top of the pass, park just off the highway on the west side. From the south, State Highway 9 can be picked up at Fairplay from US 285. Beautiful hike with beautiful views. There was only one other group of three anywhere around.

this is why we drove from ohio! The speed limits are rigidly enforced.)

There are Forest Service, fee campgrounds in South Park, south and west of Fairplay.

Last time we used one of these sites was in 2013. Due to their proximity to Hoosier Pass, camping at the trailhead proper is not recommended. the counter clockwise loop wasn't marked. These are the Fourmile CG and the Horseshoe CG, both located on CR 18 that heads up toward Mt.

Recommend taking the trail counter clockwise as there is a steep hill toward the beginning with a lot of loose ground. The pass is located on State Highway 9. There is a point where the Jeep trail abruptly ends...and you are mostly figuring it out on your own toward the peak. Nice hike, especially in the morning.

Beautiful views. You'll just have to put up with some highway noise. I had researched on Trip Advisor about the loop trail at the top of Hoosier Pass and was still confused. It’s not a 14er but it made me feel like we had done one. North of Alma, the highway begins its ascent to Hoosier Pass in earnest. Continue on through Breckenridge past Goose Pasture Tarn and Blue River to the summit of Hoosier Pass where there is usually ample parking on the west side of the highway. There is a pullout on the east side of the highway at that location with a single-track road heading off up the hillside. Otherwise, continued private development throughout this area has made at-large camping mostly a thing of the past. From Frisco, continue southbound on SH 9 to Breckenridge. You'll get to the peak and views quicker and the decent is easier. It’s a short decent I took photos of where the entrance is bc my partner and I missed it.

Hoosier National Forest Camping: Campendium has 33 reviews of 10 Campgrounds in Hoosier National Forest.

There should be no interruption in service. A nice steady climb with the OPTION mid-way to be turned into a more challenging one. If you want camping information around the Dillon/Frisco area, see the link below. Drive north on SH 9 through Fairplay, then Alma.

The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from April until September.

Nice walk.

It can be very confusing unless you know where you are going.

The trailhead for Mt. I really enjoyed this hike minus the very end steepness.

Did the trail counterclockwise.

today there was some snow & mud. If you have not donated to the cause before, we still have a ways to go to meet the cost of this migration. Beautiful views! Whether clockwise or counterclockwise it was a lot of wind. Trail is a little hard to spot off the right side of the road road, just pay attention to the trail on the app, great day excellent weather view was spectacular, AMAZING TRAIL. I agree with others that counterclockwise is best, but I do wonder if clockwise would have been easier? - National Park, National Forest, State Park, The Best RV Parks and Campgrounds in the Florida Keys, America's Top National Parks for RV Camping, The Mighty 5: All the Camping in Utah’s National Parks, The Top 15 States for RV Camping in National Forests, Boondocking in Prescott & Tonto National Forests, The Best State Park Campgrounds in Each State. © 2020 The Climbing Cooneys. Great 11000 ft hike. Definitely glad we got this hike in. The trail is absolutely beautiful and was the highlight of our day.

The kids did it and did it well. we went counterclockwise & came back down same way to avoid steep area & more snow. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/hoosier-pass-loop We did the loop from Breckenridge, Hoosier Pass, Alma, Fairplay, Como, Boreass Pass back to Breckenridge. You can also find limited and not very private places to park and car camp on the north side of Hoosier Pass. take the right route up because the left is easier to come down. There are options in the neighboring Tenmile and Mosquito Ranges, but developed campgrounds are limited. In summer months there are usually numerous vehicles stopped here from out of state visitors taking in the view and gasping for air. While this wind keeps up, I would avoid this trail. Sherman. Would highly recommend! The trail was definitely a little difficult for me and my husband because we are from a lower elevation area. Site migration work has begun! All rights reserved. In case there is a mileage difference, the coordinates for the pullout are: N 39° 20' 05.16"  W 106° 03' 04.23".

See coordinates above. The entrance of the trail is a walk up what looks like a road and then it skinnies off into beautiful views. Made the wrong turn and went to Crystal Lake first. Brought the dog with us and he loved it!

Did the loop trail. Your help is still needed. The summit of Hoosier Pass is the trailhead for North Star Mountain, Hoosier Ridge and Red Mountain. Very few trees.

Given the choice of going around the mountain (and this area of the trail had no trees) to finish the loop we decided to see the lake and just turn around. Windy but worth it. Good hike, beautiful scenery from up top but got pretty windy so we didn’t bother finishing the loop. The small stream is unnamed on the USGS map. We did what was recommended in a previous review and took the trail clockwise. http://www.townofdillon.com/visit/camping-info. There is also another “Hoosier Pass”, which sits at 10,313 feet in Teller County, Colorado. Great views on the way up and down.

On the west side of the highway at the top of the pass there are several informal campsites (no facilities) that have evolved over the years. Drive north on SH 9 through Fairplay, then Alma. I will recommend this trail to everyone that visits the Breckenridge area.

The trailhead for Mt. Camping.

Every ranked 13er is now routed. mod steep uphill climb but levels out in spots. We had to take lots of rests and water breaks, but it was well worth it for the beautiful views! I'd follow the recommendation of going counter clockwise. Hoosier Pass is a high elevation mountain pass that is part of the Great Continental Divide in Colorado. Silverheels will come before arriving at the summit of Hoosier Pass. Not much shade for the dog, but the temps were cooler up there and there was a nice breeze. We believe that free camping areas are often the most beautiful and peaceful camp sites.

Great hike. The trail to the left is an easier start coming down is a bit steep but slow and steady wins. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Overall it was a good hike that makes you feel like you've earned the climb. We got enough altitude and some amazing views. Enough for a half dozen campers or so. (Watch for speed traps. inspiring incredible views of snow topped mountains & lake! This is the second major drainage the highway crosses south of the Hoosier Pass summit. It would have been incredibly difficult for us to try and go up counter clockwise. We got to the top in time for the sunset and it was gorgeous! Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Mount Lincoln via Crest Drive [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY], Mount Lincoln via Lincoln Amphitheater [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY], Wheeler Lake, Clinton Peak, McNamee Peak, Traver Peak, Montgomery Reservoir and Wheeler Lake OHV Trail. Campendium is an Amazon associate site and earns from qualifying purchases.

Nice easy hike. The wind was bad enough and we figured it would be even worse at the top - plus the views would have been the same just higher up.

Did have some good views. This was a beautiful & challenging hike for us novice hikers. Silverheels is 2.1 miles south of the pass on SH 9.

Remember, your donation will be matched. There are two main routes, one is to follow the steady keep trail...the other is to follow the route straight up the mountain face. Please click on the "Donate" button and just send us $10 or $20. The views of all the nearby 14ers are stunning and just getting on the tundra makes this well worth it. Nice morning stroll with great views of the valley on each side. It was extremely windy. The summit of Hoosier Pass is the trailhead for North Star Mountain, Hoosier Ridge and Red Mountain. Silverheels is 2.1 miles south of the pass on SH 9. Roach refers to it as "South Scott Gulch."

We honestly probably would have turned back, if we’d gone counter clockwise, because of how steep it was.

The last part of the loop (which goes to the left and seemingly veers from the main road) is straight up and around the side of the mountain, We ran into some other hikers that had continued up the gravel road instead of the path around the mountain and indicated there was a lake up ahead but that the trail went up another 30-40 minutes but then just ended so they had to turn around. The summit of Hoosier Pass is the trailhead for North Star Mountain, Hoosier Ridge and Red Mountain. There is a pullout on the east side of the highway at that location with a single-track road heading off up the hillside. The 11,542-foot pass can be reached via State Highway 9 between the towns of Alma and Breckenridge.

Signage isn’t super clear, but great otherwise. Do not expect to find an available spot here on a summer weekend however, from all the climber traffic heading for Quandary. Can easily in 2 hrs or less. We would not be surprised to see the Forest Service or some other governing agency shut it down some day. Try CR850/Blue Lakes Road up to the lower lake or CR851/McCullough Gulch Road to the end of the road, past all the parking for Quandary Peak. Neat to see a few 14’ers as well. This area has become well-known and typically full, especially on weekends. The trailhead for Mt. Hit the route counter-clockwise and enjoyed it. We depend on the support of

You'll just have to put up with some highway noise. From I-70, westbound or eastbound, take exit 203 or 201 for Frisco. Every little bit helps. Very windy right now. At the far end of the loop/road you can turn west and head up toward Northstar peak. I loved this trail and we did the clockwise loop which was difficult on the way down because it was really steep. The pass is located on State Highway 9. Hoosier Pass Loop is a 4.5 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Breckenridge, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. the community for maintenance and development of the Campendium website.


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