cancer bad traits
Cancers are the most nurturing, caring and dedicated people in the zodiac. The Cancer can’t say no to a bit of affection especially when it’s coming from the right person.

You will cling and obsess over the situation until you have all of the answers. People need to be very careful with her feelings and hopes because she’s very sensitive. What about their negative traits? Although he looks hard from outside, he is actually deeply sensitive … You will keep on asking questions until you get out the secrets but this can make you feel heavy or drained. Use the power of Astrology to understand yourself in a better way and get a sense of direction and purpose in life. Sometimes exaggeratedly generous, they can give everything they have just to make others happy. This is one of the worst traits of a Cancer. You are very loving and caring. When stressed, Cancers need to spend more time alone because talking about their issues can’t all the time help them. Belonging to the Water element, like the sign of Pisces and Scorpio, they only allow emotions to rule them and don’t use too much of their logic. ► The Cancer Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life. It seems like their feelings are always all over the place and they can’t be too efficient when it comes to their everyday life.

Relying a lot on intuition and feelings, Cancers can be very difficult to know or to be around. Their sensitive soul makes them delicate and strongly attached to anything relating to family and home. Some of them are good psychics who make a living out of their talent. The empathetic crab is inclined to protect themselves. It’s very hard to lie to them because they immediately identify dishonesty and a deceitful character. They will run away from a conversation, people, if failure comes their way. On the good side, the Cancer personality is loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring. You are emotional and intense; you are also extremely intuitive and compassionate.

Cancers are deathly afraid of being rejected, so if they feel that there's even the slightest chance that will happen, they'll immediately pull back into their shells. The Moon is influencing them to be a roller-coaster of emotions, so it’s not very easy to follow them or to be aware of their inner world. They are very suspicious when it comes to relationship and not only on this but even in minor things they will doubt your intentions once and then will proceed. They want to hold everyone around them and want to be stuck with them.

You will see them nagging all the time. Cancer is the most concerned with a secure and faithful relationship. It’s therefore unsurprising that you are often hailed as creative geniuses. You can be sure they’re happy if they only have a peaceful home and a numerous family. These nature of theirs diverts them from being focused and is one of the bad traits of a Cancer. They tend to see the bad sides of the coin and are deeply afraid of failures and this is one of the reasons they talk about results first before trying out something. Sensitive. In fact, they need to be protected, so their partner will most likely be someone strong and very inferential. Cancer individuals are sometimes over-imaginative, which can get them in trouble. Also Read : 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can Be Every Woman’s Nightmare. They are very loving and creative, along with these traits Cancer has a number of bad traits as well and here are the 10 bad traits of a Cancer. Just like the crab that represents him, he has pincers and he uses them for self-defence.


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